Fish prices regulated, 1918.


This past Saturday, the rules of the food commissioner of Hawaii nei, Child, went into effect, in that the prices for different fishes will be set, not like before when fish was so expensive that some people could not afford fish for them and their families.

By the prices of the different fishes being set as below, those who have fish cannot cheat the public as they please in the future.

Here below are the prices of the different fishes:

Cents per Pound
Pond Amaama 25
Ocean Amaama 29
Aku 10
Ulaula 27-32
Mahimahi 14
Moi 30
Weke 27-35
Oio 32-35
Uku 22-24
Ulua 22-25
Moano 26-30
Hahalalu 24-23
Opelu 25
Akule 25-24
Kawakawa 20-25
Opakapaka 24-25
Kahala 25-22

Those above are the prices of the fish sold by those who have counters selling fish at the market; all the fishes are not priced, but perhaps soon.

What amazes us is that the price of beef is not set, that being how many cents per pound like for fish, so that retailers of beef cannot raise prices as they desire, and so too of some other things, but we are hopeful the time will come when everything will be the same, like pork, lamb, chicken, fruit of all sorts.

After this is enacted and it is still found that groups of fish peddlers are those raising the prices and so too of those with fish ponds, the food commissioner must earnestly seek out these people, and those people who disobey the rules of the commissioner in the future, they should be locked away in a place befitting them where they cannot trouble the public again.

(Aloha Aina, 2/22/1918, p. 2)


Ke Aloha Aina, Buke XXIII, Helu 8, Aoao 2. Feberuari 22, 1918.

1 thought on “Fish prices regulated, 1918.

  1. This was part of a response to price gouging during World War I food restrictions. Mainland US food controls didn’t consider fish when setting meatless days. So fish became the go-to item in local diet. Of course you served whole wheat bread & kalo & bananas if you were a patriot ! Shipping food to Hawaii used fuel that should go to troop ships – and white bread wasted grain parts. Eat Local also meant less food shipped in.

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