This letter to the editor of the Nuhou is interesting in so many ways. 1873.


When I saw the newspaper Nuhou Hawaii; I was greatly gladdened to see it. When I took a close look, I was very happy. I talked with my wife, “Hey, this paper, Nuhou Hawaii, it is very good for us to subscribe to this paper.” Please don’t be upset at my bad writing. Gibson, I have much appreciation for you; at your great strength in saying that they should not give Puuloa [Pearl Harbor]. I talk in Chinese; all of Honolulu is appreciative of you.

A newspaper agent came to my house and brought many newspapers; I asked—what is that paper—the man said, “this is a Kuokoa.” I refused it; I said that it is not a good paper, that there is much about giving away Puuloa; all the haole want to give it away—they want to be annexed to America. I am very frightened. O! I cry, after Puuloa goes, after that all of Hawaii will be lost. I don’t like haole. All of us Chinese who live in America, in the city of Boston, New York, California, O! the haole there are very troublesome. The Chinese walk on the streets, all of the American haole throw stones at us. We cry, we cry, we run, we run, and fall down. We are hit in the head with rocks; the haole beat us with sticks. The haole cut off our long hair. O. It is so problematic; we get beat a lot. If Puuloa is taken, then the haole of California will come here to Hawaii, and will stone us. I think you are trying very hard, and are opposing giving Puuloa away. Aloha e.


Honolulu, Nov. 14, 1873.

[The letter above was sent to our office by a Chinese, and we thought to print it so that the thoughts of the Chinese are heard.

The language is somewhat unclear, but there is one main thought; not to give away Puuloa; and that all of the Chinese are being stoned by the haole of California.—Editor.]

(Nuhou, 12/2/1873, p. 6)


(Ka Nuhou Hawaii, Buke 1, Helu 5, Aoao 6. Dekemaba 2, 1873.

1 thought on “This letter to the editor of the Nuhou is interesting in so many ways. 1873.

  1. Hahaha I’d bet Gibson wrote this. Why would a Chinese write out his r-heavy accent? Especially when he’s a newspaper reader.

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