Birthday of William K. Kuwalu, 1949.

Kauai’s Oldest Resident Has 100th Birthday

(Photo on Page 13)

Special to The Advertiser

LIHUE, Kauai, Jan. 29—There’s something a little special about William K. Kuwalu’s birthday tonight because he will be 100 years old. Kuwalu, who can probably lay claim to being Kauai’s oldest resident, was born on Jan. 29, 1849, on the little island of Niihau.

* * *

THE LUAU IS TO be given at his Waimea Valley home by his sons and daughters. His daughters are Mrs. Emily Baclayon of Kilauea and Mrs. Helen Yadao of Mana.

The sons are Joseph N. Kuwalu, William K. Kuwalu Jr., and Abraham W. Kuwalu, all of Waimea.

Grandchildren and great grandchildren will be there, as well as a large number of the kamaaina’s friends.

* * *

KUWALU WAS REARED in Waimea, where he attended school. The late Abraham Kuwalu, his father, was a Hawaiian school teacher at the time.

Kuwalu has been employed at various times as a special police officer, a farmer, and as an assistant surveyor for the government, and has been with Gay & Robinson for many years. He is still with the company as a handyman.

* * *

KUWALU DOESN’T look much over 70, still rides his horse, reads without glasses, and enjoys good health.

He is one of the few remaining old time Hawaiians well versed in the ancient Hawaiian dances and chants.

(Advertiser, 1/30/1949, p. 1)


The Honolulu Advertiser, 92nd Year, Number 21,907, Page 1. January 30, 1949.

REACHES CENTURY MARK—William K. Kuwalu, believed tobe Kauai island’s oldest resident, observed his 100th birthday anniversary on Saturday. Still hale and hearty, Kuwalu, who has been in the employ of Gay & Robinson for many years, serves as a handyman with the company.

(Advertiser, 1/30/1949, p. 13)


The Honolulu Advertiser, 92nd Year, Number 21,907, Page 13. January 30, 1949.

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