Kalanianaole Day proposed by John W. Kalua, 1923.

Another Holiday For Hawaii
Would Observe Kalanianaole Day
Maui Man Introduces A Bill

HAWAII will have another legal holiday if a bill, H. B. 20, introduced yesterday in the house of representatives by Judge John W. Kalua of Maui, becomes law. The proposed holiday is to be March 26, which is to be known as Kalanianaole day. March 26 is the birthday anniversary of the late Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole, who was Hawaii’s delegate to congress 20 years ago.

Including those already on the statute books, the holidays provided by Kalua’s bill would be:

January 1, February 22, March 26, May 30, June 11, July 4, first Monday and third Saturday in September, November 11, December 25, “and all election days, both primary as well as general, in such county or city and county wherein such election is held.”

The bill also provides:

“And any day designated by proclamation by the president of the United States as a day of thanksgiving, fasting or religious observance, or designated by proclamation by the governor of the Territory as a holiday, shall be a territorial holiday.”

(Advertiser, 2/22/1923, p. 2)


The Honolulu Advertiser, 64th Year, Number 12,564, Page 2. February 22, 1923.

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