Close of first Merrie Monarch, 1964.

Parties Climax Hilo Festival

Advertiser Staff Writer

HILO—A gala Merry Monarch Ball last night at three Hilo locations wrapped up one of the gayest four-day festivals ever held here.

The Merry Monarch Festival, which began Wednesday, officially ended with the ball, held at the Hilo and Naniloa Hotels and the Club Hukilau.

A 30-year-old Parker Ranch cowboy, David Kaula Jr., took top honors in the moustache and sideburns competition, winning a $100 cash award. His wife also won a $25 award, as the “Most Understanding Wife of the Year.”

Explorer Scout Troop 6 of Honomu raced to victory in a four-mile, eight-man relay using fish as batons, and completing the course through downtown Hilo in 17 minutes and 28 seconds.

* * *

A BARBERSHOP quartet representing the Kapiolani School PTA won that $100 contest.

The quartet members were Robert Beck, Kalani Mathews, Wendell Kekauoha and Sid Caluag.

Yesterday afternoon, Hawaii Calls was broadcast…

Walt Southward Photo

Wife Kisses Kaula.

(Star-Bulletin, 4/5/1964, p. A1)


Star-Bulletin, 109th Year, Number 54,355, Page A1. April 5, 1964.

…from  Kalakaua Park in Hilo, and attracted a crowd of some 1,000 persons. Producer Webley Edwards emceed entertainment that included Haunani Kahalewai, Ed Kenney and the Hilo Hawaiians.

Second place in the beard competition went to Coast Guardsman Patrick McGreevy, and third place winner was J. J. Medeiros of Kailua, Kona.

The bike race from Kohala to Hilo over an 80-mile course in 8 hours and 57 minutes was a tie between Tom and Dick Loomis of Hilo. Tom is 14, Dick is 15.

IN THE BIKE relay races on the same course, the team of Rogelio Madriaga and John Moore pedaled the distance in 7 hours and 52 minutes. Both are from Hilo.

Runners-up in the relay races were Mark Swann, 12, and Stanford Okura, 16, both of Hilo. They finished in 8 hours. In third place were Patty Mitchell, 13, and John Kiyosaki, 14. They completed the course in 8 hours and 28 minutes.

In a pentathlon of Hawaiian games, Louis Kelekolio, 31, of Hilo, took top honors and $70 in prize money. Robert Kiyosaki was second and won $45.Harry Leialoha was third and won $25.

(Star-Bulletin, 4/5/1964, p. A1A)


Star-Bulletin, 109th Year, Number 54,355, Page A1A. April 5, 1964.

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