Close of first Merrie Monarch, 1964.

Parties Climax Hilo Festival

Advertiser Staff Writer

HILO—A gala Merry Monarch Ball last night at three Hilo locations wrapped up one of the gayest four-day festivals ever held here.

The Merry Monarch Festival, which began Wednesday, officially ended with the ball, held at the Hilo and Naniloa Hotels and the Club Hukilau. Continue reading

The beginnings of the Merrie Monarch Festival, 1964.

Hilo Plans Gay Events For Kalakaua Festival

Advertiser Staff Writer

HILO — A parade, with Duke Kahanamoku as grand marshal.

A relay race, with boys using fresh mullet as batons.

A beard contest, with some 50 entrants expected.

A bicycle race, from Kohala to Hilo.

A town, done over in the era of Hawaii’s “Merry Monarch,” King Kalakaua.

These are just a few of the things being set up as Hilo goes into the final weeks of preparation for its “Merry Monarch Festival,” scheduled to take place here from April 1 to 4. Continue reading