Kaheleiki trial in California, 1863.


A Hawaiian Indicted in California.—Among the passengers by the Yankee are the Hon. Messrs. John Ii, J. Kapaakea and C. G. Hopkins, who go to San Francisco to attend the trial of a Hawaiian seaman, named Heleiki, indicted for the murder of one Capt. ________ at sea, about the year 1851 or 2. The prisoner was arrested in the spring of 1862, and strong testimony is brought forward against him. He, however, says that he lived at the islands and was engaged in some connection with a shipping office here from the year 1851 to 1855. His ambrotype has been sent here, and several of his countrymen have recognized him. Mr. Kapaakea (who is one of the chief or royal stock) and a common native go over as witnesses, confident that they are familiar with the accused,and that he was a resident here at the time the murder was committed. In a letter received last summer from Dr. Gulick, he says regarding this case:

If there is testimony to be had in Honolulu, will not you and others be interested in having it taken, before the U. S. Consul and forwarded here. White testimony will be most available, regarding Heleiki’s having been in Honolulu, it will then be essential that some white person identify the person here under arrest  as Heleiki.There are two witnesses here (one of them is Mr. Neilson,  mate of the William Penn,) who testify without hesitationthat this man is the mutineerHarry, and another from the interior of California writes down that certain marks will be found on said Harry, and I am told that such marks are found on this man.All this looks bad. Yet some things about him, make me and others feel that it is well to ascertain whether his own statements can be corroborated, and he prove an alibi. His personal appearance is not that of a hardened criminal. I am displeased with the article in the Evening Bulletin saying I would do my best to have him cleared. None of us can have such a wish, for if this man be “the Harry,” we shall rejoice in the punishment of a very aggravated murder.

(PCA, 2/19/1863, p. 2)


Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume VII, Number 34, Page 2. February 19, 1863.


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