Blind no more, 1894.


In 1820, the missionaries came to Hawaii nei and taught the good of God and they instructed—do not accumulate wealth on earth or it will be destroyed by bugs and by rot, but instead accumulate your wealth in heaven, where thieves cannot steal it; therefore, look to the heavens, there is God.

It is a true, this lahui heeded the teachings of the missionaries from Boston, and their voices became something important to this lahui for 66 years without dissent.

And in 1887, the lahui soon saw the fruits of their [the missionaries’] teachings, that being the forcing of a new constitution on King Kalakaua, and demanded that he sign it under the power of weapons, and they tossed aside the things they taught us; to pray and look above. It is true, the deeds of those people indeed came to pass, and they  were victorious in that act; that being the lahui pledged allegiance to their bayonet constitution.

In 1893, January 17, those people came out once more and stood en masse outside with the joint aim of stealing the land; they snatched it away and established a provisional government for a year plus, and then threw aside their unstable government.

In 1894, July 4, they established an entirely new government in place of the previous one; that being the representative government [aupuni makaainana] with its new constitution. That was when the leaders of that peacock government compelled the Hawaiians to pledge allegiance to that new government.

And that is when the lahui stood up and refused with united thought; we will definitely not agree to pledging allegiance, for you stole our land.

And that is why we say: The time is over when the lahui is blinded; no more will we be deceived.

(Oiaio, 10/12/1894, p. 3)


Ka Oiaio, Buke VI, Helu 41, Aoao 3. Okatoba 12, 1894.


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