Death of Kiliwehi Hoapili, 1873.


Passed on to death is one of the women of royal blood, Mrs. Kiliwehi Hoapili. She is one of the women who came from true alii blood of the royal kupuna of Hawaii nei.

She was taught at the royal school along with the chiefess Victoria Kamamalu [Vitoria Kamamalu], and she was very knowledgeable; and she was the only women of Hawaii nei who travelled around the world. She left with her royal husband William Hoapili [Wiliama Hoapili] as attendants to Queen Emma [ka Moiwahine Ema] to Britain, and was welcomed at Windsor Castle [ka Hale Alii o Winasoa].

She dined with Queen Victoria and the royal children, the royal children, the Heir Apparent of England, the princess of Persia, and other dignitaries. The Grand Chapel of Windsor was opened for the two of them for a  speech by her husband, chief Hoapili, before the house of lords, as was commanded by the Queen.

After staying at Britain, the two of them sailed to France, until Italy, and they  were greatly entertained by the Emperor and Empress and the Grand Duke of Tuscany [??? Iusakare], and was taken by the carriage of said Duke to Florence, to his Palace.

After travelling around Europe, they  returned to England, and boarded the ship and landed at Auckland, New Zealand, in the month of August, 1866.

This Kiliwehi who died is a youngest sibling of chiefess Jane Loeau who died earlier; the two of them were children of alii Haalou and his royal wife Liliha; the two of them are descendants of the chief, scions of Kamehameha the first from Keawe, the seventy-sixth on the line from Wakea folks, and a hundred and fifth from Kane and Kanaloa.

Kiliwehi reached 33 years old and then she died. O! how pitiful is the passing of one of the native born alii!

O Hawaii! Will you shed some tears for your alii who has passed?

“E Wakea, eia mai ko pua,
Wehea na pani paa o ka Papaku,
Lawe aku i Kahikiku, Kahikimoe,
A loaa aku o Kane me Kanaloa.”

[“O Wakea, here is your descendant,
Open up the gates to the Foundations,
Take her away to Kahikiku, Kahikimoe,
Where she will find Kane and Kanaloa.”]

(Nuhou, 11/11/1873, p. 5)


Ka Nuhou, Buke 1, Helu 2, Aoao 5. Novemaba 11, 1873.


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