William Hoapili Kaauwai dies suddenly, 1874.

[Found under: “NOTES OF THE WEEK.”]

SUDDEN DEATH.—Mr. William Hoapili Kaauwai, of Wailuku, Maui, died very suddenly of heart disease, in this city on Monday last. Mr. Kaauwai has been designated as His Majesty’s Chamberlain on Friday last, and at the time of his almost instantaneous death was sitting in a chair, giving directions for the packing of his trunk preparatory to accompanying the Royal Party to Hawaii. He had been suffering from a pulmonary complaint for some months, but was apparently recovering strength and general health when the messenger came. He was of a high chief family of Maui. With his wife, recently deceased, he accompanied the Queen Dowager on her trip to Europe some nine years since.

(PCA, 4/4/1874, p.3)


Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XVIII, Number 39, Page 3. April 4, 1874.

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