The passing of Queen Hazaleleponi Kalama Kapakuhaili, 1870.

Death of the Alii, the Dowager Queen Hakaleleponi,* Kalama, Kapakuhaili.

The responsibility has fallen upon us to carry the bundle of grief, sadness, and woe, and with regret, we report to you of the death of the Alii, the Dowager Queen Hakaleleponi, Kalama, Kapakuhaili, at 11:02 on the past 20th of Sept., at her residence at Haimoeipo, Honolulu.

She was born at Kaelehuluhulu, near Kailua, at the bays of Piilani, in the year 1817, of Naihekukui and I; and her famous kupuna is Kauwa and E.

In her youth, she displayed her beautiful features, and it was perhaps like “the birds feed atop the lehua,” which enticed the desires of the Ruling Chief who was King then, to get close to her, and to have her subsequently become Queen.

On the 14th of February 1837, being that love was steadfast [??? oiai no e paa ana na hukana a ke aloha] between her and King Kamehameha III, they were joined together in the covenant of marriage by Rev. Hiram Bingham Sr. here in Honolulu.

After they were joined together, she dwelt with her Royal husband, until the Chief of Chiefs snatched the life breath of her Royal one, who grew passed in the midday of the 15th of Dec. 1854. She lived thereafter in grief and sadness for her husband and the father of the Hawaiian people by whom they were blessed.

We perhaps cannot inquire here and there pertaining to the famous deeds of Hakaleleponi, being that the benevolence of her royal husband, through which he blessed the people of both of high and low stature, that was carried upon both of their kind shoulders, with them holding their people in high regard.

It is good to remember that these Alii were brethren of the church, and when the Alii, the Righteous One died, Hakaleleponi was a member of the senior Kawaiahao Church until she passed away. She was seen frequently on the Sabbath thereafter, sitting in their in their seats in the Kawaiahao church. According to what we hear, she greatly wanted to fill her seat just recently, but her debility prevented her, and that is how she lived until she passed on. If she was ready for the coming world, there is no doubt, she is meeting with the heavenly host of Kings.

*Hazaleleponi/Hakaleleponi is a Hawaiianization of the biblical name, Hazzelelponi.

(Kuokoa, 9/24/1870, p. 3)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke IX, Helu 39, Aoao 3. Sepatemaba 24, 1870.

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