Hawaii news from 1837.

From the Sandwich Islands.—We have received a file of the Sandwich Island Gazette to March 11. The Gazette contains a recommendation to the inhabitants of the island to erect a monument to the memory of Captain Cook, at Hawaii, on the spot on which he was killed. The Gazette of Feb. 25, announces the marriage, by Mr. Bingham of Kauikeauli [Kauikeaouli], King of the Sandwich Islands, to Kalama, daughter of Naihekukui. The Gazette of Feb. 11, describes the funeral solemnities which were performed over the remains of the princess Harieta Naihienaina [Nahienaena], wife of Lele Hoku [Leleiohoku]. A very large and imposing procession was formed, and the body was conveyed from the palace to the native church, where religious services were performed by Messrs. Bingham, Parker and Tinker, of the mission. Everything was conducted with the greatest decorum.—The body was not burned, but was to be sent to the island of Maui for interment. The body was drawn in the procession, on a car, by young chiefs, and was attended by pall bearers. The British and American Consuls joined in the procession. The Gazette announces the marriage, Feb. 5, of Samuel A. Cushing, of Hingham, to Miss Caroline S. W. Smith, of Newburyport. Mrs. Maria T. Dibble, wife of Rev. Sheldon DIbble, of the mission, died at Lahainaluna, Feb. 20, of a disease of the heart, aged 28 years. She had been six years at the islands.—Boston Daily Adv.

[Unfortunately, the paper that this information came from (Sandwich Island Gazette) is still not available online.]

(Evening Post, 10/31/1837, p. 2)

The Evening Post [New York], Number 10881, Page 2. October 31, 1837.

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