King Kalakaua’s Study Abroad Program, 1936.


King Kalakaua Gave His Support to Educate His Lahui

While King Kalakaua was upon the throne, as a result of him speaking with his Cabinet, and also approved by the Legislature of 1882 or 1883, there were many Hawaiians who were sent to far away lands in seek of education. It feels like it happened between the years 1883 and 1884. Some of these boys went at the government’s expense, and some under the expense of the Father Missionaries.

1. Robert W. Wilcox and Robert N. Boyd, were sent to military school in Italy.

2. Matthew Makalua and Piianaia, were sent to Oxford in England, to medical school. Piianaia did not graduate, but Makaula did graduate and became a very great doctor in England. He married a woman and he had a number of children. He is dead now. He did not return to Hawaii.

3. J. H. K. Keawehaku was sent to China to learn Chinese.

4. The two Hakuole [James Harbottle Hakuole and Isaac Hakuole Harbottle], were sent to Japan to learn Japanese.

Charles K Notley and D. K. Notley, were sent to learn Engineering. Their father paid for their expenses.

5. The Gentlemen John H. Wise, Charles King, and Samuel K. Keliinoi, were sent to Oberlin College, to Divinity School. Their expenses were paid by the Missionary Fathers.

While these boys were in foreign lands seeking an education, the way the nation was governed changed shockingly in the year 1887, due to the disturbance that grew between the Royal One King Kalakaua and his Ministers supported by the Missionary Fathers. This change in the laws was called the “Bayonet Constitution” of Stevens folk. Because of this change in the way the nation was governed, the Hawaiian boys were called back while they were seeking education for the benefit, the prosperity, and the progress of the Hawaiian nation, and they returned, all except for some who were treated as favorites by people who agreed to foot their tuitions.

(Alakai o Hawaii, 7/30/1936, p. 3)

Ke Alakai o Hawaii, Buke 9, Helu 16, Aoao 3. Iulai 30, 1936.

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