3 thoughts on “Beginnings of the newspaper, “Ke Aloha Aina.” 1895.

  1. Nawahi wrote, spoke, painted and published yet a collection of his work I can not find. Does anyone know where I might find such a collection? I’m sure a complete editorial or article or speech must be preserved somewhere.


  2. A good place maybe to start is with the biography of Joseph Nawahiokalaniopuu written by Kahikina Kelekona. “Ka Buke Moolelo o Hon. Joseph K. Nawahi,” was first printed partially in the Hawaiian-Language Newspaper, Ke Aloha Aina, in 1906, and then later on as a book in 1908. It has since been reset and reprinted and put in modern orthography by Hale Kuamoo in 1996.


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