4 thoughts on “Maewaikalani, 1881.

  1. As is my understanding, Maewaikalani was the name given to Kapi’olani’s hair as stated in the title of the chant, “A name chant for the hair of Kapi’olani.” It is said that Mrs. Kaleihiwahiwa was a Lady in Waiting to Kapi’olani and this particular chant was composed on the eve of her wedding to Kalakaua. As Kapi’olani readies for bed the ladies that are attending to her brush out her hair as it glimmers in the moonlight.


    • Aloha mai kaua! I am researching this Kaleihiwahiwa too. Can you tell me where or how you found the information about Mrs. Kaleihiwahiwa? Mahalo nui


  2. Id love to learn more on Mrs. Kaleihiwahiwa. She’s written so many mele in honor of her Queen Kapi’olani and King Kalakaua with so much respect, insight, and dignity for them both. It’s as if she is standing right behind them as a “lady~in~waiting” should. However, she is not mentioned in any of the nupepa or mo’olelo of Lili’uokalani or any other noble dignitaries for that matter. She’s obviously not of a noble/royal stature like some of the attendants and lady~in~waitings were. Yet, I find the relationship to her Queen quite close and very intriguing. Wish I knew more of this mystery wahine, Mrs. Kaleihiwahiwa.


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