Sweet Emalia is out in Honolulu! 1908.


Police Court Judge Frank Andrade this morning felt that he sat on the edge of an active volcano, for through the window over his starboard shoulder, up from the pit at the bottom of which in a cell grovelled Sweet Emalia, came discordant beseechments for a renovation of the universe and the making of a new world.

It was difficult to size up the merits between a man with an attacking hoe and a gentleman with a damaged cow when such sounds soared benchward.

“Has not the doctor been sent for to examine Sweet Emalia?” inquired His Honor.

Chief of Detectives Kalakiela stated that he had been summoned.

Then Emalia took up singing, having torn her garments to shreds, and this was less upsetting that her howling and cursing.

Emalia was taken to the station about breakfast time today from the parish of Kalihi. Neighbors rang in, calling loudly for Thwing or Parkhurst, declaring that a large lady who had forgotten her wardrobe was roaming the streets. The patrol wagon hurried out and Emalia was found without covering, making morning calls on the neighbors.

When she sighted the hurry-up she hastened to her home and donned a garment in which she was taken to the police station. There having the covering of a cell, she found the clothing superfluous and straightway made fricasee of them. She is alleged to be insane.

A lolo or stupid boy received the court’s attention. He was charged with vagrancy, sleeping in sawdust in the back parlor of a planing mill. He was open-mouthed and stare-eyed and committed to be examined with Sweet Emalia by Dr. Moore, Dr. Emerson taking a vacation.


[After coming across this article from 1908 showing Sweet Emalia out in Honolulu, I am now thinking that the Emily Kaihumua sent to Kalawao in 1906 and being examined there in 1909 by Dr. Goodhue might not be the same person…

Hopefully one day soon, all the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers will be rescanned clearly so that if there is ever enough money to do once again an OCR project, or a hand transcription project, it can be done accurately so that hopefully we can find each and every available article that could clarify what became of Emalia, or any other person or event in Hawaiian history for that matter!!]

(Hawaiian Star, 8/13/1908, p. 5)


The Hawaiian Star, Volume XVI, Number 5708, Page 5. August 13, 1908.

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