Episcopal Church in Hawaii, 1861.

[Found under: “NOTES OF THE WEEK.”]

We are frequently inquired of whether anything definite has been done towards establishing an Episcopal Church at Honolulu. By the following, which we extract from the London Examiner of March 9, our readers will be gratified to learn that the matter is in progress and has been referred to a committee consisting of responsible and intelligent men, who will probably see that it is carried to a successful issue. It will be a source of great pleasure not only to us but to all interested in the progress of religion in the Pacific, to announce that the establishment of an Episcopal Church here, has been fully decided upon:

“A Bishopric for the Sandwich Islands has been proposed, and a committee, consisting of Lord R. Cecil, M. P., Mr. J. G. Hubbard, M. P., the Bishop of Oxford, Archdeacon Bickersteth, the Hon. D. Gordon, Archdeacon Grant, Mr. A. J. Beresford Hope, Mr. J. Talbot, and others, has been formed for the purpose of furthering the movement. The King of the Sandwich Islands offers on his own behalf, an that of his subjects and residents who desire the establishment of the English Episcopal Church, a yearly payment of 200£, and to give the site for a church, parsonage, &c. The authorities of the American Church have already undertaken to select and maintain three clergymen to assist the bishop who may be sent from this country.”

[I was reminded of this article after reading the this morning’s post (1/15/2015) from the Hawaiian Historical Society on Facebook.]

(Pacific Commercial Advertiser, 5/16/1861, p. 2)

We are frequently inquired of...

The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume V, Number 46, Page 2. May 16, 1861.

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