Greatest Mariners, 1938 / 2015.


Dr. Buck Terms Early Polynesians Greatest Mariners World Has Ever Known

HONOLULU, Nov. 29—Dr. Peter Buck, director of the Bishop Museum, last night termed the early Polynesians the greatest mariners the world has ever known.

Dr. Buck, who will leaves soon for Yale University to lecture on primitive religions, spoke at a dinner in his honor attended by almost 200 persons. He was introduced by Frank Atherton.

He said it was probable that some of the early Polynesians reached the shores of America. He traced the possibility in similarity of certain words, such as that for sweet potato itself was brought into the South Seas from the American continent.

“The only persons who could have brought the sweet potato from the American continents are American Indians or Polynesians themselves,” he said. “There is little or no scientific foundation for the belief that Indians were ever skillful enough to have reached Polynesia.”

Dr. Buck pointed out that the Polynesians of early times possess a great knowledge of astronomy, meteorology, and had a complete and perfect lunar calendar.

[We are seeing this once again today with the great voyage of the Hokulea. Check out their worldwide voyage tracking map here!]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 11/30/1938, p. 4)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXIII, Number 31, Aoao 4. Novemaba 30, 1938.

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