David Kawananakoa speaks on annexation, 1893.


Ex-Queen Liliuokalani’s Commissioner Arrives at the National Capital.

Washington, Feb. 18.—Paul Neuman, the envoy of Queen Liliuokalani to the United States, accompanied by Prince David, of the royal family, and two servants, reached the city late last night, and took apartments at the Richmond. To-day Mr. Neuman held a conference with acting Secretary of State Wharton, with whom he had a long talk concerning the object of his visit. Mr. Wharton could, of course, do nothing, and Mr. Neuman expressed himself as satisfied that his only chance for successfully representing the claims of the ex-Queen lay through the medium of Congress. Prince David said: “We do not intend to make a struggle against annexation. If the United States government sees fit to annex Hawaii we shall make no complaints.”

[I am not sure if this statement was ever published in any Hawaii newspaper.]

(Indianapolis Journal, 2/19/1893, p. 4)


The Indianapolis Journal, Page 4. February 19, 1893.

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