Independence Day, 1893.

La Kuokoa Song.

E Hawaii e, E Hawaii e
E Hui hauoli pu kakou
Ma keia La nui kamahao
La Kuokoa nou e ka Lahui.


La Kuokoa nou e Hawaii
La hauoli no ka Lahui
E ka I, e ka Mahi, me ka Palena
Hui hauoli nui ae kakou.

E Hawaii e, E Hawaii e
Nou keia la me ka ilihia
Na kualono ou e hooho mai
Na kula uli e hauoli pu.

E Hawaii e, E Hawaii e
E Mau ke Ea o ka Aina i ka Pono
Na na Mana Lani e kakoo mai
I kou Kuokoa a mau loa.

Haku ia e

S. K. Kaunamano.

Makapala, Hamakua, Dekemaba 18, 1893.

[Independence Day Song

O Hawaii, O Hawaii
Let us unite in happiness
On this great wonderful day
Independence Day for you, O Lahui.


Your Independence Day, O Hawaii
Joyous day for the Lahui
O I, O Mahi, and Palena
Let us unite in happiness.

O Hawaii, O Hawaii
This is your day, with reverence
May your mountain ridges cheer
May your verdant fields share in the gaiety.

O Hawaii, O Hawaii
May the Sovereignty of the Land be Forever in Righteousness
May the Heavenly Powers lend support
To your Independence for all times.

Composed by S. K. Kaunamano

Makapala, Hamakua, December 18, 1893.]

(Hawaii Holomua, 12/23/1893, p. 1)

La Kuokoa Song.

Hawaii Holomua, Buke I, Helu 14, Aoao 1. Dekemaba 23, 1893.



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