Red Cross knitting drive, 1917.

Red Cross Knitting

The increasing number of knitters in the service of the Red Cross necessitates the publication of the following:


Because of a difference in knitting needle sizes in the United States—there being three manufacturers’ gauges which, unfortunately, do not correspond, the Pacific Division of the American Red Cross ask that the women follow the printed directions as near as possible, but try out their needles and yarn to see just what measurement a definite number of stitches gives them.

Following are the sizes the articles should be.


Length 25 inches.
Width across chest from 16 to 20 inches, preferably 18 inches.


11 inches wide.
68 inches long—(3 yards even more acceptable.)


12 inches long.
Openifig should be 3 inches from top.


Length should be 11 inches from top of leg to division of heel.
Width of leg and of foot—4 inches.
Foot 10½ inches to 12 inches.
(11 and 11½ inches average length.)

Materials required—2½hanks knitting yarn.
No. 5 Needles.

Cast on 96 stitches.
Knit 2, purl 2 for 3 inches.
Knit until it measures 25 inches from the beginning.
Make neck hole as follows:
Knit 35 stitches, bind off 26, knit 35.
Knit 7 ribs on each side (over and back is a rib)
Knit 35 stitches—cast on 26, knit 35.
Knit for 22 inches, knit 2, purl 2 for 3 inches.
Crochet sides together, leaving 9 inches for arm hole.
Crochet edge ½ inch deep round around neck.

(Garden Island, 12/4/1917, p. 4)

Red Cross Knitting

The Garden Island, Volume 13, Number 49, Page 4. December 4, 1917.

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