Queen Liliuokalani’s gift to the leprosy patients, 1891.


We each all are going without a companion at our side, and no child before us or at our back, it is just our lone bodies going naked to the Colony of Kalawao, and there is no way out of it for us for there is the law of our beloved land upon our shoulders.

These red silk kerchiefs which you see on our necks, and your sums of money in our hands this day, it is a memorial for us during the days of our lives in this dejected world, until the dust of that unfamiliar land is spread upon our bodies, and this decaying body returns to the earth, and the spirit returns to God.

Therefore, may your majesty take our great thanks for you. And that is when the Queen replied:

I take your thanks with me, and you will go and you will see my children, those are your seniors living upon that great flat lands, and perhaps we will all be there, but we do not know.

This was the touching statement, and the close to the conversation with the Queen.

Here are the names of the patients taken and their place of residence.

Miss Helina Kaiwaokalani Maikai, Miss Kaehuokalani, Miss M. Kalama [? Miss M. Kalaina], they are from Honolulu; Napoliona Keawe (m), from Manoa, Oahu; Miss Mapo (f), Kahaku (m), from Waialua, Oahu; Ah Ping from Hanalei, Kauai; Henry Keku, Akoi, from Wailuku; Alualu (f), Ulunui (f) from Waikapu; Maraea Kaluna from Olowalu; Liwai Haalelea from Kukuihaele, Hawaii.

These are the patients left at the receiving station of Kalihi:

W. K. Makakoa, G. K. Kepoikai, from Waiehu, Maui; Josiah Kaina from Lihue, Kauai; William Kalani Kalua from Puako, Waimea, Hawaii.

These are the patients who have not been examined by the Doctors:

Keopuhiwa from Hana; Keoahu (f), and Huliwaa (f), and Lutiana Keliikaapuni (f), from Kaupo, Maui; and Joe, a Portuguese boy from Honolulu.

On the 17th of July, Mrs. Kaikioewa Ulukou gave gifts once again to the patients at Kalihi.

Aloha one and all.


Kalihi Hospital, July 20, 1891.

[Might anyone know how/if Liwai Haalelea and Levi Haalelea (d. 1864) are related?]

(Leo o ka Lahui, 7/29/1891, p. 2)


Ka Leo o ka Lahui, Buke II, Helu 247, Aoao 2. Iulai 29, 1891.

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