A new scathing “Hawaii Ponoi,” 1894.


The Advertiser with its usual ingenuity has finally found the cause for all the opposition among the Hawaiians to the P. G., and to the annexation cause. It is all on account of Hawaii Ponoi, our national anthem, and the morning organette demands, and immediate change in the words of that time-honored song. The new version given by the Advertiser will hardly be adopted, and we therefore take the liberty to substitute some words which we submit to the kind consideration of all loyal Hawaiians who are to be forbidden to sing the anthem of their native land. How is this brother Castle?


Pakaha Hawaii,
Kipi i ka lahui,
Na welo mikanele,
Na Pi Gi.

Ino ka ia e,
Ia Kolekaaka,
Pale i ka nani,
Me ka uahoa.


They plunder Hawaii
Conspire against the people,
Those missionary descendants,
The P. G.

How vile he is,
That Kole Kaaka,*
Pushing aside beauty,
With his cruelty.]

*”Kole Kaaka” can be found in the dictionary. Look it up. This term with a negative connotation is used often during this period. Might it also be a play on the name Dole? “Wretched Dole”?

(Hawaii Holomua, 1/9/1894, p. 2)


Hawaii Holomua, Volume II, Number 7, Page 2. January 9, 1894.


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