Marble memorial to Lorenzo Lyons, 1886.


By the kindness of the Father, God, and Lord Jesus Christ, taken from the circle of our living was our dearly beloved father, Rev. L. Laiana, and he left behind his benevolent works for which our people are greatly indebted, as a monument [kia hoomanao] before our eyes, and before all of the Sunday School students around the Archipelago [Pae Aina].

Therefore, at the meeting of your Executive Committee [Komite Hooko], held on the 9th of November, at Kaumakapili, it was unanimously decided to erect a Marble Monument for the father, Rev. L. Laiana, and to enclose it in a fine iron fence.

It was also decided to collect $2,000 from the Sunday Schools all around the Pae Aina, for the expense of this endeavor. However, it is not limited to that, and the remainder of the money will be given to the widow, Mrs. L. Laiana. And this is how the sum will be divided: From the Sunday Schools of Hawaii, $600; Maui, $600; Oahu, $600; Kauai, $200.

Act promptly, O Sunday Schools and loving people throughout the Pae Aina, and raise at once your feelings of aloha, and remember this. “Strike the iron while it is hot.” [“E kui koke i ka hao, o iai e enaena ana.”] It is desired that this endeavor be carried out quickly, in the coming month of January, 1887, so that this action will result in a “Happy New Year” for the Sunday Schools throughout the Archipelago.

H. Waterhouse, President
E. S. Timoteo, Vice President.

[Once again I was looking at the latest post from Nanea Armstrong-Wassel (click here), and thought to post this article. It is interesting to note that the creation of this monument was quite controversial. Some felt that it would be more appropriate to put the funds toward a living monument, and not a monument for the dead. Something they said that Makua Laiana would have wanted.]

(Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, 11/13/1886, p. 2)


Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, Buke IX, Helu 46, Aoao 2. Novemaba 13, 1886.


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