Keep politics off of the pulpit, 1894.


When the steamer Iwalani arrived on the morning of this past Friday, news of the Paupili rain of Lele [Lahaina] was heard, saying that the doors of Wainee Church were shut by the brethren. The story we heard was this below.

One day on the previous week, in the sermon of the kahu of that Church, A. Pali, he spoke about God, and at the very end of his talk, he revealed this:

“I am a true American, inside and out, from top to bottom;” and other inappropriate words; and the congregation began to fidget, and at the close of his prayer, the brethren told him, you are not good, O Pali, and we tell you that you will not pray in this Church from now forward.”

“Why?” said Pali. “Because of your words, they were inappropriate, the words you spoke.”

Pali then said, “He has no right to kick me out, because the Church belongs to the American Board [Papa Amerika].”

Kalua and those behind Pali were on their side. This fight became physical: this one grabbed, that one grabbed; this one punched, that one punched; the disturbance was put to an end because of intercession. When the Provisional Government received word of this, the order was soon given to R. P. Waipa, one of the Captains of the regular police force of this town, to board the Claudine [Kalaukina] at once with a number of armed officers and to carry out the command.

He is going to arrest those people, and if the law cannot be carried out, then Captain Waipa will declare martial law at once to arrest the people who closed the Church.

The reason that this came about was because the brethren opposed the Pastor for his joining the annexationists. The heart’s desire of the Provisional Government is coming on strong [?? oehuehu mai nei] in five months and twelve days.

The outcome, is what we will be watching for, what will it be?

(Leo o ka Lahui, 7/4/1894, p. 3)


Ka Leo o ka Lahui, Buke II, Helu 719, Aoao 3. Iulai 4, 1894.


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