Death of Simon Kaloa Kaai, 1884.


At 4 oʻclock after daybreak on this past Saturday, March 22, death came for the member of the house of nobles, Simon Kaloa Kaai, and took him from this side of the black river of death.

Hon. S. K. Kaai was born at Keopu, Kailua, North Kona, Hawaii, of Kaai (m) and Kaupena (f), at a time not known to us. He was educated in the foreign knowledge, and he gained some enlightenment.

He sight was much accustomed to the many, here in Honolulu as well as in his place of birth. Earlier, he took small governmental jobs, that being the turnkey for Kawa, the Sheriff of North Kona, Tax Collector, but what made him famous was that he sat as a representative in the legislator during the 1870, 1872 and 1874 sessions. During those times, the power and the seriousness of his words were seen when he spoke before the House. When Prince Leleiohoku died, he was made Executor for the Alii, R. Keelikolani. In 1876, he was appointed a noble in the legislature; in 1878, he was appointed Minister of Finance. In 1880, he stopped being minister, and in 1882, he was chosen as Minister of Foreign Affairs and soon after he was made Minister of Finance. In 1883, his position in the cabinet of ministers was ended. And from that time, he was unemployed until death came for him.

One of the important men of the land has died.

(Ko Hawaii Paeaina, 3/29/1884, p. 2)


Ko Hawaii Paeaina, Buke VII, Helu 13, Aoao 2. Maraki 29, 1884.

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