Death of Simon Kaloa Kaai, 1884.


At 4 oʻclock after daybreak on this past Saturday, March 22, death came for the member of the house of nobles, Simon Kaloa Kaai, and took him from this side of the black river of death. Continue reading

The royals in Kona, 1879.

News from Kona.

O Kuokoa Newspaper; Aloha oe:—

At 11 o’clock at night on the 19th of March, landed at the shore of Kailua nei were the King; Queen Kapiolani; Her Highness, R. Keelikolani; Minister of Finance S. K. Kaai; and some others. There were many of us gathered during those days. On the 22nd, the Queen went to the uplands of Kuahewa to see the troubles of Nawai, a blind man, to give him some help for his home that burned down. Continue reading