The royals in Kona, 1879.

News from Kona.

O Kuokoa Newspaper; Aloha oe:—

At 11 o’clock at night on the 19th of March, landed at the shore of Kailua nei were the King; Queen Kapiolani; Her Highness, R. Keelikolani; Minister of Finance S. K. Kaai; and some others. There were many of us gathered during those days. On the 22nd, the Queen went to the uplands of Kuahewa to see the troubles of Nawai, a blind man, to give him some help for his home that burned down.

On Monday the 23rd, Her Highness, R. Keelikolani, gave another house warming party [ahaaina komo hale]. “Ola ia kini ke a mai la ke ahi.” [The multitudes find life at last; the fire is lighted.]*

In the evening on that day, the chiefess rode upon a canoe to go and visit the Hooulu Lahui Society of Hookena, and she returned to Kailua on Thursday evening. The health of Her Highness, R. Keelikolani, is fine.


*See #2478 in Pukui’s ʻŌlelo Noʻeau: Hawaiian Proverbs & Poetical Sayings.

(Kuokoa, 4/12/1879, p. 2)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XVIII, Helu 15, Aoao 2. Aperila 12, 1879.

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