More on the Liliuokalani Church clock, 1892.


Her Majesty’s Gift to Liliuokalani Church.

Her Majesty the Queen returned from her New Year’s trip to Waialua by yesterday afternoon’s train from Manana. The Queen and party greatly enjoyed their short stay at Waialua. There was no function given at the place except the presentation of a clock to Liliuokalani Church by the Queen, after whom the new church was called at dedication.

Major J. W. Robertson, Chamberlain, made the presentation to the trustees, at a service held on New Year’s day, making a brief speech in so doing. Judge S. H. Kalamakee, trustee, responded. It is a fine New York clock with a dial two feet in diameter, the hours being marked with the twelve letters of the Queen’s name—L-I-L-I-U-O-K-A-L-A-N-I—instead of the usual Roman numerals. The clock is a calendar one, showing, besides days of the wek and dates of the month, the moon’s phases, the weeks of the year, and the year itself—shifting all numbers, words and signs automatically, even to the figures of the year. Hon. John Richardson gave and address in connection with the presentation ceremony.

(Daily Bulletin, 1/6/1892, p. 3)


The Daily Bulletin, Volume III, Number 312, Page 3. January 6, 1892.



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