“He make no ka ka haole, a he ola no hoi; pela no na Kahuna Hawaii.” 1872.


LET ALL MEN know the thoughts of the Hawaiian Medical Practitioners [Kahuna Lapaau Hawaii], they who number one hundred and fifty. O Ke Au Okoa, speak their thoughts. About how we will bear this immense right of ours impeccably, without deceit. Let them be instructed to put behind these evil thing: evil sorcery [anaana], imitative magic [hoopiopio], sending spirits [hoounauna], and the deification of all evil things; along with the summoning of aumakua to possess, using awa, pigs, and other similar things. All of those things are simply  foolish; their desire is to have their idea be passed this Legislative Session. O Representatives [Lunamakaainana], don’t simply rely only upon the Haole Doctors [Kauka Haole]. There is death from the haole, and so is there life; so too with the Hawaiian Kahuna. Look kindly, O Representatives, at this group of your Lahui. All of the Hawaiian Medical Practitioners of this Island, 150 strong, are called to gather at the grounds of Paalua on Beritania St., on the 6th of May, that being Monday.

From me, DAVID AMI.

Kakopua, Ap. 29, 1872.

(Au Okoa, 5/2/1872, p. 3)


Ke Au Okoa, Buke VIII, Helu 3, Aoao 3. Mei 2, 1872.


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