Hawaiian naval flag? 1887.


The Hawaiian Navy flag, from a design by Mrs. Strong, contains in the center, on a white back ground, a gold crown resting on a yellow shield. The shield contains a white tabu stick [puloulou], crossed by two red kahilis, one representing His Majesty the King and the other Princess Liliuokalani. Above, below and on both sides of the crown and shield are alternate stripes of white, red and blue. The borders of the flag are gray. Seven of them have been made; three, three feet wide; two, four feet wide; one, seven feet wide; and one, eight feet wide; length in proportion to width.

[Anyone ever see historic images of this flag? Mrs. Strong seems to be artist Mrs. Belle Strong, wife of artist Joseph D. Strong and stepdaughter of Robert Louis Stevenson.]

(Daily Bulletin, 3/16/1887, p. 3)


The Daily Bulletin, Volume XI, Number 1585, Page 3. March 16, 1887.

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