Not just February, 1938, Today, Tomorrow.

Need to Care For

A petition was put before the Board of Supervisors [Papa Lunakiai] of Maui on this past Monday, May 15, and it was about the obvious truth of the sad acknowledgement by the kamaaina of Hawaii, about the quiet decline of the Hawaiian language.

This document was sent from Molokai, one of the bastions of the old Hawaiians, and the document was written in the Hawaiian language, and it is something important taken and considered by the members of the board, the press, and others who went to observe the meeting.

There was no one who attempted to translate it or read it out loud, but County Clerk Eugene Bal explained the main points.

It is something sad indeed, losing this language with such speed, and this document was thought of as something not often seen, for it was written in the Hawaiian language.

A step has been taken by progressive kamaaina to put a stop to the decrease of the Hawaiian language.

The Alexander Community Association has started classes teaching the Hawaiian language on Maui. Lorrin P. Thurston of the Advertiser Newspaper in Honolulu is calling out to teach the language, moolelo, and kaao of the Hawaiian people in schools.

This is a very good undertaking, and it is something that is quickly understood, and it is clear that the Hawaiian language is disappearing fast, and without it being reawakened, it will completely vanish in just a few years in the future.—Valley Isle Chronicle.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 5/24/1939, p. 2)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXIV, Number 4, Aoao 2. Mei 24, 1939.


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