Lahilahi Napuaikaumakani Webb, 86 years old, 1948.

Birthday Celebration

This past Monday, celebrated was Mrs. Elizabeth Lahilahi Napuaikaumakani Webb turning 86 years old. A party was held on her birthday, held at the home of Mrs. Clement K. Parker Sr. of Waikiki.

She was also honored by the Kaahumanu Society of Honolulu for this birthday.

Mrs. Elikapeka Lahilahi Napuaikaumakani Webb is fluent in Hawaiian and she worked at the Bishop Museum for many years; 20 or more.

Lahilahi was one of those who first established the Kaahumanu Society, and she held the position of president for many years. Although she is living her elderly years at Lunalilo Home, her thoughts are with her beloved lahui and the members of her beloved Association.

Our hope is that you, O Lahilahi, have more birthdays. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, GOOD MOTHER.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 4/14/1948, p. 1)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XLI, Number 20, Aoao 1. Aperila 14, 1948.

1 thought on “Lahilahi Napuaikaumakani Webb, 86 years old, 1948.

  1. When I came to Bishop Museum as an intern in 1969, one of the elder statesmen I was able to meet and learn from was Dr. Donald Mitchell. Don told me that as a very young man,he worked weekends at Bishop Museum as an exhibits guide with ‘real’ exhibits guide Lahilahi Webb. One Sunday he was mostly watching out for an aging Lahilahi when a know-it-all tourist couple followed her from case to case. She’d explain something / they’d challenge her. At a calabash filled with “breeding stones” Lahilahi explained the stones were called breeding stones because you went to a rocky beach, removed nice smooth stones to pave under house mats, return later &Ta Da – more stones. They must be breeding. The smarty tourists said, “Well, if you’re right, why isn’t the case filled with stones? Shouldn’t they be increasing all the time?” Don thought he wouldn’t step in; he’d listen /see how experienced Lahilahi handled the upstarts. Don said she drew herself up, & with great authority said, “Sir, everything that enters the Museum is fumigated!” And that was that. The couple took the rebuke and all moved on to the next case.
    Anita Manning

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