“Most loathsome and indecent publication,” 1883.


The Papa Kuhikuhi, or programme, of the hulas published by order of the Coronation Committee consists of twelve pages, printed on one side, and is the most loathsome and indecent publication that has ever been issued from the press of this country. There is a law here against the circulation or exhibition of publications containing obscene language “manifestly tending to the corruption of the morals of youth, or of morals generally;” but the even of the coronation seems to have been sufficient in the eyes of the proper guardians of that law, to authorize its open violation. And this is the standard by which Gibson would measure the loyalty of the King’s subjects. But if the mere captions of the songs sung on Saturday night last at the King’s Palace are too indecent to be anglicized in print, what must have been the moral tone of the songs themselves, or the pantomimic posturing and jestures to the time and spirit of which those songs were sung.

(Saturday Press, 3/3/1883, p. 2)


Saturday Press, Volume III, Number 27, Page 2. March 3, 1883.

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