More on the sugarcane called, “pua ole,” 1858.

Pertaining to the non-flowering sugarcane.

The readers of the Hae Hawaii saw the statement of John Richardson [Ioane Richardson] pertaining to the non-flowering sugarcane of Waikapu, Maui. So that the accuracy or inaccuracy of this statement is made known to the people of Waikapu about this thing, here below is his letter speaking about their thoughts.

Some perhaps will ask, what good is the non-flowering sugarcane? This is it: this cane can be milled all the time, like the cane at Makawao; there is no time when it is not good to mill into sugar. If the sugarcane flowers, it needs to be milled quickly, for if it is not, it will go bad quickly, and it will be a waste. Therefore, if there is a non-flowering sugarcane, in lowlands like Lahaina, Koloa, and Lihue, it would be very valuable. Some of this ko was planted in Honolulu, and at Haiku, Maui, and therefore it is clear whether it flowers or not. Here is the letter from Alexander.

“Wailuku, Nov. 2, 1858.

O Armstrong, aloha oe:—

I asked the people at a great meeting held in Waikapu, on this past Thursday, about the ko pua ole, and there were many oldsters who said that there is truly a non-flowering sugarcane there. When all of the cane is blooming, this one does not. It branches out, but there is no flowers. This sugarcane grows taller than the others, and its flesh is solid. Kililiki stated, in his field is this sugarcane, and it is 17 feet tall.”

Alexander also spoke of another new thing, about the reawakening of the people of Hoiu, Honuaula, to seek out God. Previously, a man and his wife were perplexed because people did not go to there to the house of Jehovah, it was just the two of them; they prayed and encouraged the others that it was the path, and now, they all go to the house of God, and there are 40 or more who pledged to follow his ways.

(Hae Hawaii, 11/17/1858, p. 130)


Ka Hae Hawaii, Buke 3, Ano Hou.—Helu 33, Aoao 130. Novemaba 17, 1858.

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