More on Kamakau’s history, 1868.

History of Kamehameha.—A communication from Mr. Kamakau, the author of the History of Kamehameha, now in the course of publication in the Kuokoa, will be found in our columns. We learn from this gentleman that he commenced the work at the instance of Judge Andrews, by whom it was to be translated into English and published in book form. The government paper, however, has undertaken a translation of it without any authority from him or from the publishers of the Kuokoa, who have a pecuniary interest in the work, as Mr. Kamakau is paid by them from week to week. In any other country, this would be termed plagiarism, (or literary thieving,) but in this country private rights being considered of secondary importance, the government editor can perhaps best explain what it should be termed.

(PCA, 9/19/1868, p. 3)


The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XIII, Number 12, Page 3. September 19, 1968.

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