On Kaao, Mele, and Moolelo, 1869.

Hawaiian Kaaos and Meles.—In the native papers published in Honolulu, there frequently appear old compositions by the native poets and historians, which would be highly interesting if translated. the late Judge Andrews, the the preface to his “Dictionary of the Hawaiian Language,” says,—”The study of these Kaaos would demonstrate that the Hawaiians possessed a language not only adapted to their former necessities, but capable of being used in introducing the arts of civilized society and especially of pure morals, of law, and the religion of the Bible.”Such testimony, from such an indisputably reliable source, is worthy of all consideration.

(Hawaiian Gazette, 1/20/1869, p. 3)


Hawaiian Gazette, Volume V, Number 1, Page 3. January 20, 1869.


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