Eo, e Kaleleonalani! 1874.

Mr. Editor—We all know what the Hawaiian hula is, even in its least objectionable form. Say what we can by way of apology for it, it remains after all, a miserable relic of barbarism, the preservation of which and its encouragement by the chiefs is unfavorable to the growth of pure morals among the people. I was therefore surprised and grieved to see on Saturday afternoon last a considerable collection of natives at the residence of Queen Dowager Emma, and on enquiry to be told that there was a hula going on there. Was the lady of the house at home, and did she allow the hula? I asked. “Oh, yes, it was her hula; she satall the time where she could see and hear it all.” And what sort of a hula was it? “Oh, it was one of those old-fashioned sort! lealea maoli!” Very pleasing. This testimony from a native, is quite suggestive of the character of the performance, which lasted into the evening.

Now I would ask, is it consistent with memberships in any Christian Church to encourage the Hawaiian hula by being present at its performance, much  more, by setting it in operation on one’s own premises? As I said at the beginning of this note, I was both surprised and grieved to find the Queen Dowager lending herself to these things. Where are her spiritual advisers?

St. Albans.

(PCA, 5/9/1874, p. 2)


Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XVIII, Helu 44, Page 2. May 9, 1874.


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