Mary Papa, former student at Waialua Girls’ Boarding School, 1881.


Aala, Honolulu, July 6, 1881.

Miss Mary E. Green: Much aloha to you and the students of the school, who enjoy the comfort of Haleiwa, my dear home where I was educated.

I have great appreciation for your thoughts which were printed in the Nupepa Kuokoa in January of this year, calling to us, the students of Haleiwa from the time of Rev. O.  H. Gulick until today; and being that I was a student of the school, I am  glad to respond. Here below are the drops of lehua nectar of the bird of Waoala.*

Question 1. What is your name?

Answer. Mary Papa.

Q. 2. Where are you living now?

At Aala, Honolulu, Oahu.

Q. 3. What do you do?

I spend most of my time at the house, tending to what I can.

Are you married?


Q. 5. If you are married, how many children do you have? And how old are they?

Ten. The first is ten years old; the second, nine; the third, eight; the fourth, seven; the fifth, six; the sixth, five; the seventh, four; the eighth, three; the ninth, two; the tenth was born in February on the 26th of this year and died on the 13th of May past. The first of these children, and the third and the ninth and tenth have died; five are left.

Q. 6. Do you have a haole husband, or hapa haole, or Hawaiian husband?

I have a Hawaiian husband.

This is my story: During the time of the Girls’ School of Rev. O. H. Gulick at Waiohinu, Kau, Hawaii, I entered in August, 1863, and when the school moved to Waialua in 1865, we all went there. And in the month of November, 1867, there was a call from the sun-snatching land to go to teach at the girls’ school at Lihue, Kauai; I went there to carry out the work, and in May 1869, I returned here to Oahu and married B. K. Holi at Waialua before Rev. J. N. Paikuli, on the 9th of May, 1871, and returned to Kauai in November 1872, where I spent most of my time along with my  husband, and weakness came upon my body and this was alleviated in July of this past year, and we sailed all the way to my dear land of the calm sea spray,  and came back to Honolulu nei this past December, where the Lord gave us the last fruit of our loins, and then he took the child back with him; it is He who giveth and He who taketh away, blessed be His name.

Before I close, I send my praises to you, O Haleiwa, the parent of my youth; long live your pride amongst the communities of this archipelago; from you spread mothers who multiply the race,  as is the desire of our King.

With aloha to you.

Mele Holi.

*Waoala is a place in Waialua.

(Kuokoa, 8/20/1881, p. 4)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XX, Helu 34, Aoao 4. Augate 20, 1881.

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