Speaking of Waoala, does anyone know of its location? 1876.

Waoala, Waialua.

O Ka Lahui Hawaii;—Aloha:

While we were living in the calm of the forests moistened by the cold beads of dew of the mountains while we reveled in the sweet calls of the birds and enjoyed the swaying of the trees that were lush with dark green foliage of the forests, as the cool scent of maile wafted strongly from all around where we sat. The thought to write some sentences was induced, and these are they:—

You may be wondering about the name Waoala. That place is in the mountains of Waialua. There perhaps is no other fine place like it, if we are not mistaken. Continue reading

Mary Papa, former student at Waialua Girls’ Boarding School, 1881.


Aala, Honolulu, July 6, 1881.

Miss Mary E. Green: Much aloha to you and the students of the school, who enjoy the comfort of Haleiwa, my dear home where I was educated.

I have great appreciation for your thoughts which were printed in the Nupepa Kuokoa in January of this year, calling to us, the students of Haleiwa from the time of Rev. O.  H. Gulick until today; and being that I was a student of the school, I am  glad to respond. Here below are the drops of lehua nectar of the bird of Waoala.*

Question 1. What is your name?

Answer. Mary Papa. Continue reading