Speaking of Waoala, does anyone know of its location? 1876.

Waoala, Waialua.

O Ka Lahui Hawaii;—Aloha:

While we were living in the calm of the forests moistened by the cold beads of dew of the mountains while we reveled in the sweet calls of the birds and enjoyed the swaying of the trees that were lush with dark green foliage of the forests, as the cool scent of maile wafted strongly from all around where we sat. The thought to write some sentences was induced, and these are they:—

You may be wondering about the name Waoala. That place is in the mountains of Waialua. There perhaps is no other fine place like it, if we are not mistaken.

Two weeks after the examinations of the girls’ school of the calm of the Sea spray, the Teachers wanted to climb the mountain with the remaining children. Most of the girls had returned to their homes, except 17 and the 3 teachers. This past Tuesday, we prepared to leave Haleiwa. Our belongings were loaded on an ox cart [kaa bipi], and some of the children got on the cart while some walked; the three teachers made their way up on horseback, and it was like 6 miles from the Sea spray to here at Waoala. When we were making the climb, the ox with the cart went astray.  Because of this mischievous act of the ox, we all went down; and that is how we climbed until a certain point where we put down our belonging; two men remained there to make a place for us to stay, and one went down with us to the river. When we started to go, we thought it was someplace close by, but come to find out, it was very far; the road snaked this way and that. When we arrived at the river, we were enticed to drink of the brisk water of Waoala.

We headed back, and we didn’t climb for long when our legs began to limp, and we went up and were totally exhausted; this place was about half a mile from where we first stayed. We did not stay long at the place we thought we were staying because of the great distance to fetch water. We placed our belongings once more on the cart and came to this place where we are now enjoying; a house was made for us, and the girls were quick to gather fragrant foliage of the forest.

In the quiet of the evening,we sang some songs that are sung by us, and some friends who went back, and after that, we made ready to sleep. When we slept, our backs were bitten by fleas, and we were all shocked. Two men went back, leaving one, that being Kahue; this is a man who we appreciate immensely for his patience and for his helpfulness. He is a kind man and does everything that is given him to do; he has lived at the girls’ school of the Sea Spray for perhaps two years as a worker; and he has thus become like a good grandfather to all of us; he made a place for us to rest when we stayed in this upland forest. He went back for a bit to the seaside of Waialua and climbed back up to check on us, if we had any problems with vegetable food and fish. Therefore, the teachers and the students give him are full appreciation, and praise his name.

He is prompt in all that he does; this is the end of our presentation about our stay in the mountain. It was very pleasant, and was indeed a time of rest for all of us, with the hope that it will not be just our bodies, but our spirits as well that we received an increase in the power in searching for knowledge in the new year at the Boarding School of Waialua.

To you two Editors and the metal type setting boys of the delicate deck of the “Lahui Hawaii” goes our full appreciation and aloha as well.


Waoala, Waialua, July 21, 1876.

[This was such a cool find, seeing that these are the teachers and students of the Waialua Girls’ Boarding School. And how in the previous post Mary Papa poetically uses “na kuluwai lehua a ka manu o Waoala.”]

(Lahui Hawaii, 8/3/1876, p. 1)


Ka Lahui Hawaii, Buke II, Helu 32, Aoao 1. Augate 3, 1876.


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