Where are R. Kapihe’s critiques of Kamakau? 1868.

S. M. Kamakau seems to write two Hawaiian language articles responding to R. Kapihe’s critiques. The first one, “He papa hulikoa; he alukakoa; he ahikahalelo, he iliohalawaena,” appears in Au Okoa on 7/23/1868, p. 3. Kamakau says he is responding to a letter from R. Kapihe of perhaps Kailua, Koolaupoko, that appears “on the 16th of this month.” He responds to a number of  criticisms that appeared in Kapihe’s letter about Kamakau’s history of Kamehamehas.

Kamakau’s second letter, “Palapala mai a S. M. Kamakau mai,” appears in Kuokoa, 9/12/1868, p. 3. It questions the identity of R. Kapihe and his motivations for criticizing Kamakau. Here, he mentions R. Kapihe’s letter with the title, “Keiki o ka Moo” that appears in Au Okoa of the 13th of August, on page 2, column 4.

Where can we find Kapihe’s letters? Where indeed. Both of the issues of Au Okoa in which Kapihe’s letters appear are not found today.

Maybe they are in one of your closets? I hope one day they will be found. There are so many issues of so many newspapers that are currently not available!


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