Meanwhile, the president of the USA is echoing words from the past, 1942.


We are rapidly getting all of the 500,000 Japanese away from our Pacific coast danger zone, but what about the timewhen the war is over?

A resident from the Lake Labish district told the editor of the Greater Oregon yesterday of a series of raids conducted on Jap farms in that district. We are not at liberty to tell the full story but we can say that many machine guns were found in hay mows and in straw stacks and that a large amount of ammunition and weapons was taken from the Japs, who profess to be so friendly to us and so sorry that Japan has declared war upon us.

We understand that some of the parties owning the land that has been farmed by the Japs, have said “we are letting the Philippinos raise the gardens now, but we had rather have the Japs. We will let the Japs move back on the land soon as the war is over.”

Said this farmer, “What are you going to do about it?”

“What are you going to do about it?” we ask. You see, this is not just one citizens problem, it is a problem and a serious on that we must all help solve.

If we should allow the 500,000 Japanese to come back to the Pacific coast after the war is over, the Japs would soon be able to take over the Pacific coast, even if we had won the war.

The Japs raise large families and at the rate they breed, officials say these 500,000 Japanese would increase to 10 millions within the next few years.

We have many American families with no children and thousands of homes with only one or two children. While the white race is practicing birth control the Japs are trying to see how many children they can raise so that they can eventually control our entire Pacific coast, Alaska and Mexico.

We think it is our duty to insist that when the war is over our Jap population is sent back to Japan and never again must we allow Japs or Germans to enter our country and apply for citizenship.

We want you to think this problem over and to see that your neighbors and friends realize that we are going to have to face this problem of what to do with the Japs when the war is over.

We say, send them all back to Japan.

(Greater Oregon, 5/19/1942, p. 2)


Greater Oregon, Volume 31, Number 9, Page 2. May 19, 1942.


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