Death of Dr. Matthew Puahakoililanimanuia Makalua, 1929.




A popular and highly esteemed member of the medical profession, Dr. M. Makalua, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., died on Tuesday at 30, Warrior-square. He was noted for his philanthropy, and both he and his wife, who died 14 months ago, were intensely interested in all work for the poor.

Dr. Makalua was the originator of the scheme for the Druids’ Tinfoil Cot in the Royal East Sussex Hospital, and he watched with enthusiasm the healthy growth of the tinfoil fund. He was medical officer of the L.G.O.C. Convalescent Home, Caple-ne-Ferne, where his popularity was great. The following letter was addressed to all the men of the L.G.O.C. Friendly Society:—

You will deeply regret to hear of the death of Doctor Makalua, who passed away at his residence at 30, Warrior-square, St. Leonards-on-Sea to-day. By his demise the Society has lost a great friend and one who was held in the highest esteem by all who knew him. The charming manner which always characterised his never tiring attention, and advice to the patients at the Convalescent Home, will for all time remain a memory in the history of “Caple-ne-Ferne.” I have sent a wreath on behalf of this Society as a last tribute of our affection for our old friend and doctor, and I have conveyed our condolences to the relatives in their sad bereavement.

General Secretary.

The funeral was yesterday (Friday) at St. Mary Magdalen Church, the first part of the service being conducted by the Rector (Rev. P. Gordon Duff), assisted by the Rev. H. C. L. Tindall. The immediate mourners were Major and Mrs. James Makalua and Mrs. H. S. Colt.

Among the large gathering of medical men and others in the church were noticed Dr. Harvey Baird, Dr. E. M. Barker, J. P., Dr. Beattie, Mr. Blogg, Lieut-Commander J. Bray, Mr. Walter Breeds,  Colonel and Mrs. Bonham Carter, Mr. and Mrs. Digby Cleaver, Mr. F. W. Coles, Dr. Gover, Dr. Grandy, Dr. Bernard Grellier, Dr. Macfie Johnston, Mr. W. G. Kemsley (secretary of the Royal East Sussex Hospital), Mr. J. W. M. King and Miss King, Mr. F. Lawrence, Dr. G. Locke, J.P., Dr. Milne, Mr. H. H. Moppet, Mr. Donald Nicoll, Councillor G. H. Ormerod, Dr. Peck, Dr. Redmayne, Mr. C. H. Sorrell, Mr. Smith, Dr. Charnock Smith, Mr. M. Spice, Dr. Stanley, Mr. A. G. Stebbings, Mr.W. H. Tee, Dr. Gerald Ticehurst, Dr. and Mrs. Norman Ticehurst, Dr. Trower, Mr.Stuart Wilson and Miss Beatrice Wilson, Mr. H. Wilson, Dr. Scarlyn Wilson, Mr. A. E. Young, Colonel C. H. Young and others.

The L.G.O.C. Employees Friendly Society was represented by: Mr. W. Vincent Cooke (Secretary), Mr. H. A. Farrant (Chairman), Mr. J. A. Flaxman (Trustee), Mr. W. Burrows, Mr. E. H. Pink and Mr. W. M. Worsley (Superintendent of “Caple-ne-Ferne” Convalescent Home).

Floral tributes were received from: Major and Mrs. and Master Makalua; Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Colt; Miss Dwar; Mrs. A. Gray; Mrs. and Miss Mitchell; Mrs. and Miss Gray; Mr. A. D. Earle; Mr. N. Earle; the Misses Earle; Miss Upton; Mr.and Mrs. Donald Nicoll; maids at 30, Warrior-square; Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Young; Captain and Mrs. Gardner; Miss Priscilla Roberts; Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Ticehurst and family; Dr. and Mrs. Norman Ticehurst; Miss Ann Ticehurst; Mrs. C. Christopherson; Mrs. Delafons and family; Miss Sewell and the Misses Walsh; Miss Murray; Mr. Cooper and Mr. Parkinson; the Misses Adolphus; Dr. and Mrs. E. M. Barker; Mr. Harold Skyrme; Mrs. James Pennie; Mrs. Ernest E. Fox; Mr. G. and Mr. F. Sellman; Mrs. Hewetson and Mrs. Eastman; Mrs. Jonathan Wall; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Breeds and Miss Nancy Breeds; Dr. and Mrs. R. Macfie Johnston; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Breeds; Mrs. Richards and niece; Mr. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Charlesworth and Mr. and Mrs. Arnie; Major and Mrs. Warwick Deeping; Mr. and Mrs. Williams and family; Mr. and Mrs. and Miss Fellows; President and members East Sussex Medico-Chirurgical Society; Mrs. Creagh and Miss Close; Mr., Mrs. and Mr. R. Cleaver; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lawrence and family; Mr. J., Mr. W. and the Misses King; Dr. Annersley Eden; Mrs. Sayer; Mrs. Stow; Mr. and Mrs. Wordley; Major Holman and Mrs. Jenner; Mr. C. Newton; Mr. Harold Christopherson; Sisters Jackson; Flynn Thorne and White; the Misses Ellis; A.O.D. Hospital Tinfoil Committee; Mrs. and Miss Mansell; Miss F. Kingcome; Mr. Tee; Mr. and Mrs. Tanton; Mr. John Button; Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Mylchreest; Lieut.-Commander John Bray; Chairman, Committee, staff and members, London General Omnibus  Co. Employees Death Levy, Distress and Sick Friendly Society; Mr.and Mrs. Worsley; Mrs. Clarke; Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Redmayne; Mr.and Mrs. T. Whatman; Dr. and Mrs. L. E. Jowers; Mr. and Mrs. Elworthy; Colonel and Mrs. Herman Bonham Carter; Mrs. A. E. Rumball; Dr. and Mrs. Drybrough Smith and family; Miss Vivian Gurney; Mr. and Mrs. F. Poole and family.

The whole of the funeral arrangements were admirably conducted by Mr. Arthur C. Towner, 25 and 69, Norman-road, St. Leonards-on-Sea.

[It appears that Dr. Makalua was well respected and greatly loved.]

(Hasting & St. Leonards Observer, 1/5/1929, p. 11)


Hasting & Leonards Observer, Number 4619, Page 11. January 5, 1929.


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