Samuel Kamakea Kamakaia’s medal from King Kalakaua to go to Bishop Museum? 1919.

Medal Kalakaua I Gave Sam Kamakaia Passed to Bandsman

A silver medal awarded by King Kalakaua to Sam Kamakaia, who died Monday morning at the Queen’s Hospital, who was formerly a member of the Hawaiian Band, is now in the possession on Malulani Beckley Kahea, also a bandsman, to be retained by him until it may be necessary to transfer it to another bandsman, but according to the dying wish of Kamakaia it is eventually to go to the Bishop Museum.

The medal was awarded Kamakaia in 1883 for his services as a teacher in the band, Kamakaia joined the band in 1869 and only retired about three years ago.

[I wonder if this medal actually made it to the Bishop Museum. Speaking of which, I saw that the museum will be back open to the public soon!]

(PCA, 7/2/1919, Section 2, p. 1)


Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume LIX, Number 11642, Section 2, Page 1. July 2, 1919.


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