George Makalena and others with the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show want to come home, 1899.

Hawaiian Rough Riders

Four of the Hawaiians who were with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show are at San Francisco rooming in a big building opposite the Occidental on Montgomery. The boys, who hope to get off for home by Manoa, are: K. Nakea, Hoapili, Kipi and Makalena. The show closed the season at Urbana, O., on the 14th inst., and this quartette headed direct for the coast. Kulia, Isabella Perry and Rebecca Nakea are in Chicago and will most likely appear on the stage during the winter. The party of natives here report that they were entirely satisfied with the engagement and would not mind at all another round of the circuit after spending a few months in the Islands. Native Hawaiian musicians are in demand everywhere and there are dozens of managers who could snap up the Kamehameha Glee club or a section of the Cuelho school if opportunity offered.

(PCA, 11/1/1899, p. 7)

Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XXX, Number 5378, Page 7. November 1, 1899.


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