I wonder what the other 88 photos were like, 1953.

HAWAIIANS ACT LIKE JAPANESE—Second graders of the Kamehameha Preparatory School donned Japanese costumes to enact this story of Japanese life. The photograph is one of the 90 in the exhibit Kamehameha Folio opening today at Bishop Museum in commemoration of the birthdate of Bernice Pauahi Bishop.—Kam School Photo.

KAMEHAMEHA FOLIO—The beaut of the Hawaiian kahili is reflected on the face of Nani Kapu, Kamehameha School student, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kapu. Nani’s photograph will be one of the 90 showing the activities of Kamehameha School students in the exhibit, Kamehameha Folio, opening today at Bishop Museum.—Luryier Diamond Photo.

Kam Schools Open Pauahi Birthday Museum Exhibit

Pauahi, daughter of the High Chiefs Konia and Paki, was born December 19, 1831, a date commemorated each year by the students of the Kamehameha Schools.

This year the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum joins the Schools in observing the birthday of the Princess Pauahi with a special exhibit opening this afternoon.

Kamehameha Folio is the name of the exhibit of 90 enlarged photographs of the students and their activities which will be on display in the hall to the right of the Museum entrance.

The exhibit will be the work of the students of the Kamehameha Schools Bishop Museum Workshop and will serve to show how Workshop students have been learning the technique of installing an exhibit.

Workshop students will be guides to the exhibit and will act as hosts and hostesses at the opening to which they have invited all members of the Bishop Museum Association. As guides, they will demonstrate the “know-how” they have gained in learning to meet the public.

The enlarged photographs on display are the work of the School’s photographer Ernest Hoʻa, a senior student from Hilo. Ernest took many of the photographs which show Kamehameha Schools athletics.

Easily read captions, in large type letters, are the work of the Workshop students.

The project is under the direction of Donald Mitchell, Workshop instructor.

Kamehameha Folio will be on display through the Christmas Holidays. Student guides will be available the first week of the exhibit.

(Star-Bulletin, 12/15/1953, p. 5)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Volume LIX, Number 19111, Page 5. December 15, 1953.

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