Hawaiian-Language column in the Garden Island! 1912.

[Found under the column entitled: “LEI MOKIHANA”]

A Monument to Kamehameha III Might be Built.

The Association, The Daughters of Hawaii which just met in Honolulu decided to build a Monument to Kamehameha III, the kindhearted Alii, where he was born in Keauhou, and Miss Ana Paris will be sent there to to survey the site and to report to the Association.

The idea of this Association is to inscribe some words upon a rock that is located where the chief was born, after one side of the rock was shaved nicely away, and knowing that the rock was solid and would not wear away in the future. And if this is not possible, then they will put up a marble monument at this place with proper words telling of the birth of the alii and some other fitting things about him.

[Here is one of the articles under the Hawaiian-Language column of the Garden Island newspaper, called: “Lei Mokihana”. It was edited by J. M. Kaneakua  and A. G. Kaulukou. (And in following issues, also by H. W. Waiau.)]

(Garden Island, 1/30/1912, p. 2)

E Kukulu Ia Ana Paha I Kia Hoomanao No Kamehameha III.

The Garden Island, Volume 9, Number 5, Page 2. January 30, 1912.

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