More on Liliuokalani Educational Society, 1892.

[Found under: “HAWAII NEWS”]

On the 15th of this month, it will be the [???] anniversary of the Hui Hoonaauao Liliuokalani, Mahele 2 [Liliuokalani Educational Society, Division 2] from its inception by the Queen of Hawaii at this time.

[This article in theory states the year that the Liliuokalani Educational Society, Division 2 begins, but that year is not visible. Here is another article which is cut off because of tight binding. It is a sad thing to have to randomly go back and flip through fragile newspaper pages just to find what a word or phrase is. And if a whole bunch of people need to find different things, the papers will deteriorate quickly, and soon, a good image will be impossible because the pages will be dust…]

(Kuokoa, 5/7/1892, p. 3)

Ke hiki ae i ka la 15...

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XXXI, Helu 19, Aoao 3. Mei 7, 1892.

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