Where did all of these treasures from the Kingdom go? 1922.


There are many old things from the monarchial period saved as memorabilia on display in the window of the business of Hawaiian News Co., which is headed by John H. Soper, the first General of the Hawaiian National Guards [Pualikoa Kiai Lahui Hawaii]; and amongst the old things is the sword of King Kalakaua, memorabilia from the P. G. [Provisional Government; aupuni kuikawa], and many various documents.

There also is a ticket signed by G. E. Smithies of the treasury office, for the receipt of the crown and sword of Kalakaua and many other items within Iolani Palace at the time, and now the Executive Building [Hale Mana Hooko].

Near the sword is a written document, explaining that it was presented to Colonel Soper (that being Soper’s rank at the time) from James W. Robertson, the first chamberlain of the King, by order of Sanford B. Dole, and it was written on the 18th of January, 1893, the day after Queen Liliuokalani was driven from the throne.

There are also proclamations signed by President Dole and the ministers of the P. G. giving authority to John H. Soper, the one who was appointed as marshal of the republic of Hawaii, to proclaim martial law. There are also several documents sent to Marshal Soper from President Dole ordering Soper to circulate the proclamations should the troops of the Provisional Government be waged war upon.

There is also an order giving authority to Marshal Soper to arrest some men here in Honolulu, should they defy the government. In the list of names of those people are: Charles J. McCarthy, former mayor of Hawaii; also C. B. Wilson, marshal of the kingdom under Queen Liliuokalani; Samuel Parker and some other former ministers; along with other important people of the time amongst the Hawaiians.

Also in the window is a portrait painted of President Dole and also of General Soper in full dress, in the role of General of the Republic of Hawaii; and so too with other important people during the time of the overthrow of 1893.

All of the appointment documents of General Soper as a marshal [ilamuku] for the kingdom signed by King Kalakaua from 1884 to 1886, and also the appointment as marshal by President Dole for the republic of Hawaii, and the appointments as colonel and brigadier general for the National Guards, can all be seen in the window.

[Speaking of treasures and swords and auctions… Why is this sword up for auction?]

(Kuokoa, 9/22/1922, p. 1)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LXI, Helu 39, Aoao 1. Sepatemaba 28, 1922.

10 thoughts on “Where did all of these treasures from the Kingdom go? 1922.

  1. “Near the sword is a written document, explaining that it was presented to Colonel Soper (that being Soper’s rank at the time) from James W. Robertson, the first chamberlain of the King, by order of Sanford B. Dole…” which doesn’t sound like a gift by the queen to me, either… but one never knows… maybe it’s not the same sword.


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  3. Hi, do you know if the things that this article refers to are still viewable to the public somewhere? These docs and pictures used to be in a window at Hawaiian News Co, which is no longer, any idea where these things could be now, specifically the ones having to do with John Soper? Thanks for the article!


  4. The article doesn’t specifically say so, but you can tell that all this stuff had belonged to, or been collected by, John H. Soper, and he was displaying it all in the window of the company that he owned in 1922.

    As to the sword: Apparently it was “presented” to Soper at the time of the overthrow not for him to keep, but for him to deposit in the Treasury, as the receipt states it was, along with the crowns and other valuables from the Palace.. We would more likely say it was “turned over to him” now.

    The crowns eventually came to Bishop Museum, but today are back at the Palace.


    • You should really consider donating those precious Hawaiian heirlooms to the archives. That would truly be a benevolent gift to all the people in Hawaiʻi.


      • I think the items to include documents, swords,pictures,oil painting, medals,books, flags etc.were the same that were on display in the window 100 years ago but there is some comfusion as to what the sword was. While he had taken possession of many things from
        Robertson he also returned them to the palace according to his records from that period.
        The sword on display and the one I own was the one presented to him by the republic of Hawaii which has Hawaiian Flags on it with inscriptions . The post of 2012 mentions a sword of the kings being sold at auction and I believe that was one owned by an antique dealer from Kailua that was selling it and it was supossidly one the King had presented to some person. The one I own was given to Col Soper July 12 1894.

        Presenting this collection to the state is an option. It had been locked up in trucks since
        Sopers death and was taken across several states by different generations until I was able to acquire it. There is 130 years of historical information that needs to be examined and I feel that for some reason the Gods directed me to it to take charge and preserve it for generations to come.


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